Important Rules


  1. Presence on the Opening day after the vacation is must, otherwise Rs. 100/- will be charged as penalty.
  2. On absence without granted of leave or without prior information Rs. 100/- will be charged as penalty for class IX onwards and Rs. 50/- for below Class IX.
  3. Educational Tour for Class X onward is essential. In case of non participation fixed charge would be paid by the student.
  4. Fee Payment -  Payment of school fees should be made within 15th of every month in advance. Defaulters may have to pay the same by 20th or the 30th of same month with Rs. 10/- or rs. 20/- as latefine.
  5. School transport may be availed on request. It is on annual basis. Discontinuance in the middle of the session will be liable to pay for the whole sessin.
  6. Required special dress on the occasion of cultural programme will be provided by the Parents / Guardians.
  7. If the student is absent for more than 3 days without prior grant of leave, his name will be struck off. A sum of Rs. 1000/- will be charged for readmission.
  8. For other details contact in the office or see the school diary.

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